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Hulda Clarks metode


Clark Wave

with Copper Electrodes


ZAPPER Dr. Hulda Clark with ouput of 30kHz is using for kiling and removing all kinds of pathogens, parasites, bacterias, viruses, fungi and molds. This device is built on original Dr. Hulda Clark diagram. With 100% positive output and square wave. This ZAPPER is very unique because also contains a ORGONE accumulator.


Set includes:

- ZAPPER-RAPID 30kHz device

- 2x Copper Electrodes electrodes, approximate 22mm (diameter) x 100mm (length)

- Wires approximately 50cm lenght, with Alligator Clips and 3.5mm plug for connecting Copper Electrodes to ZAPPER-RAPID device

- 9V battery included

ORGONE unit is build inside device

This ZAPPER contains ORGONE accumulator inside device. The ORGONE was discovered by Wilhelm Reich an Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst. He believed that the energy that surrounds us can be accumulated and transmitted to living organisms, he called this energy ORGONE and used it to energize bio field. The ORGONE accumlator is included inside ZAPPER device, it is designed to add bio field energy to any living object near the device, and by this way it helps bringing positive life force to the body.


- blue LED light with low battery warning indicator

- switch ON/OFF on front of device

- 3.5mm socket on front/side device for connecting wire with Hand Holds electrodes

- 100% positive offset

- frequency output 30kHz (+-1%)

- square wave with 50% duty cycle (+-2%)

- input voltage 9V DC (battery operated only)

- output voltage 3-4.5V DC with current protection

- on circut

ard NE555P CMOS chip


- current 5-10mA


When LED light get dim or goes out please replace 9v battery

Product have 1 year warranty. Device not for medical usege.

Please be aware that some sellers are selling Dr. Hulda Clark ZAPPER as also Bob Becks ZAPPER. These two devices work on a completely different principle. ZAPPER Bob Becks generates a bi-polar signal (positive and negative) with an output voltage is 27-28 volts. Dr. Hulda Clark ZAPPER only generates only a positive signal with a voltage is 3.5-4.5 volts. The two devices application is completely different and requires different protocols. Please don't be fooled.

ZAPPER which we manufacture since 2013 enjoys a good reputation, customers come back to us from different parts of the world. Thank you and God bless you.

2019-11-06 19:59:44
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