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Acupuncture Massage Rings

Acupuncture Massage Rings - 10pcs

Acupuncture Massage Rings - 10pcs


Stressed after a long hectic day? These Acupuncture Massage Rings will come in handy! They help to reduce tension and finger fatigue especially after long hours of constantly using your hands. Bring them anywhere you go so that a refreshing massage is always at hand!


  • EFFECTIVE- Designed based on traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture techniques.
  • ACCESSIBLE- Comes in one size that fits all.
  • ACTIVE- Excellent for people who have jobs that require constant use of their hands.
  • REFLEXOLOGY- The massage ring targets your hands reflexology points to improve blood circulation and relieve built up tension.
  • MULTIPURPOSE- Can be worn on the go, at work or at home for your convenience.
  • FUN DESIGN- Wear it as an accessory whilst getting all the benefits of the acupuncture.


  • Suitable for long-term use.
  • Use according to need.
  • Move rings back and forth on your finger for 2-minute intervals during use.


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