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Biofield is oval-shaped electromagnetic field

Biofield is oval-shaped electromagnetic field, which covers the entire human and animal, plant, the radiation field is large, with a certain wavelength and frequency. Biofield and aura of the physical body + 6-energetic body---- etheric= aura, astral, intuitive, causal, mental, spiritual. Which pervades and cover each other in a specific order, each succeeding body is becoming finer and higher vibration than the previous.
Looking at the plant, which was torn branch, found: although this page is no longer physical, energetic radiation at this site still remains ..
Etheric body is about 1-5 cm. it provides a life when one is ill, the aura can be seen seer
Observed - if two people love each other deeply, her aura appears as if the fuse to form one large, flashing aura. In contrast, when we meet with unpleasant people, auras repel each other, as if to warn that stick out of the man in the distant

Many things in the world is, but the face is not visible. Very sensitive people can see other people's aura. Biofield disappear with death. The first three days of the etheric body collapses energy structures = solitons, finally collapsed after 7 days, the astral body collapses after 9 days, mental, spiritual collapse after 40 days and go to space and linking with egregoru if egregors die, die and mental, spiritual body.

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