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Acupunture and Energy

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2012.02.22. 21:39
I attended an Acupuncture seminar this month and the instructor said that humans have 2 basic energies. One of energy is given at the start or life and this initial amount cannot grow it only gets smaller. The instructor said that a man loses some of this energy each time he has an orgasm! I asked her if women also lose this energy with orgasms or maybe as each egg leaves the . She did not know the answer. I also wonder how I can have enough of this energy left to still be alive.....
2012.02.23. 08:29
I bet - the key is the beer... But seriously, every day people also gets energy. You can get energy in different ways. Eating lunch, practicing yoga, practicing tantra etc.

But also it is important to follow your dharma in life and do not what not foreseen for you. You have to eat what you are supposed to eat. It's like cars. Any car not be going with any fuel. It will, but with the wrong fuel for a very short distance.

The thing is - to learn generate as much life energy as possible and do not spend it where it is not needed.
2012.02.23. 15:42
Yes Tommy ..... beer is the key. But according to some Acupuncture writings a person has one of energy that will grow or lessen with food and activities (meditation, yoga, etc.) and then there is one's core birth energy that cannot grow, but only diminish over time as I mentioned in my first post.
2012.03.04. 09:28
Here are pictures of energetic acupuncture points
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