Black magic book

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2012.03.18. 19:47
The existence of Black Books is really. Thousand years of human existence shows that there was a fear of black magic, because it is full of examples using black magic.
The church, throughout history, collecting various magic books and kept books, artifacts, magical items in their warehouse in Vatican. Church thus could maintain their power. But the world is changing.
Books of Magic is different. Any is simple, with simple rituals, formulas, some of them very strong.
The Church tried various ways to limit the spread of Black Magic and Black Books. ...
But in our time of the failed to hide it more and more people focused on the occult practices.
It is necessary to handle the distance with his opponents, enemies.
In order not to find fault with what was, legally.
One of the best black books are written by Aleister Crowley ...
Some of them may also be purchased at the bookstore .
I want to say that the essence of Black Books, hurt others, hurt your health
destroy the business, to destroy the physical .
Exploring the world and defending is just as well stay a good way to live.
2012.03.21. 18:55
I know these books are available on the Internet. Just google for "moses 6th book"
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