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Does God exist?

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2012.02.06. 20:32
What you think - is there one God? Or are there more than one god? Is it at all?
2012.02.10. 18:11
Personally I think that there is one main God.... but within this God there are many other smaller gods. At least there is room for them!!!
2012.02.11. 15:21
Juris, you will be chased away from the church
2012.02.11. 19:34
2012.02.13. 20:18
Maybe I am running away (not chased). And I left room for all religions. I am fair about that!
2012.04.26. 15:40
i think that a true creator of life has to be there, but the problem is! we dont reali know the true! so how do we accept that?
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