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High magic, occultism, alternative medicine.

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2012.03.06. 21:28
High magic, occultism, alternative medicine, eniology, radioesteziya, the astral correction, change of fate, karma removal.
The 's energy aura, biofield, chakras, meridians, restoring, herbal therapy, alternative medicine.
Restoring family links.
Curse, the corruption, evil eye, magic, magic with a book, black books, cemetery, cemetry magic, rituals, witchcraft, shamanism, dowsing.
Changes in the activity of the brain of Man, reprogramming, directly or remotely. The different dependence on alcohol elimination. Working with different kinds of energy: bio-energy, mental energy, vitality and energy of the earth.
Mixing, changing situations. How to punish enemies with magic.
Real estate, buying and selling with the help of magic.
Financial regulation. Cash flow. Protection.
Free diagnosis.
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