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Marriage Compatibility

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2017.02.04. 04:50
How can I tell of my partner and I are compatible?
2017.02.04. 11:57
You and Your partner compability ,relationships demands on the state of the chakras, its balance.
Your energetic must be free from exposure to other peope religion,egregor.
Your and your partner's chakras are to be connected, to allow for the exchange of energy between a man and womani.To examines Dao tantra, tantra, yoga, Reiki, Cigun exercises.
My task is to arrive at the ideal relations, excellent compatibility.
To this end I have to take a magical ritual.
Ritual is performed using your photo.
2018.11.09. 14:27
First of all - you can see this in a while. But if you wish, you can use free calculator based on birth data
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