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Psychic Cancer = Fear!

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2012.03.24. 09:02
During a healing I became aware that my client had a friend who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was able to describe the lady and circumstance with enough detail that my client knew who I was talking about. As my hand travelled over her chest I heard, in my mind, “I'm terrified that I will get breast cancer.” I mentioned this to my client and told her that she wasn't going to get breast cancer. I assumed that she had this fear because of her friend's situation.

My left hand had stopped over her left breast and, as a hologram projection in front of me, I saw tubules of fluid and breast tissue. The experience is like travelling through space, and feels like I'm in the breast. I saw an orb of what appeared to be inflamed tissue. Often, I see anatomical and cellular images magnified so I'm not always certain how big the things I see actually are.

I told her that I believed if she was to self-massage that breast she'd find a spot about the size of her fingertip that felt tingly or tight if she pushed it. I didn't believe she had a lump, I felt she'd only discover an unusual feeling. Spirit advised that massage would correct the obstruction.

Article by Simon Hay Soul Healer
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