Narendra Modi real horoscope situation

Narendra Modi real horoscope situation

I was traveling with my friend Rajiv, we were doing yatra - pilgrim to one of the Jyotirlingams in Somanath, when Rajiv asked me my opinion about Mr. Narendra Modi chart, he asked what I see in it.

While I was looking in his chart, Rajiv with excitement were telling me how well Mr. Narendra Modi and his team have developed Gujrat and if he will win in elections then all India will have a chance to blossom again. I was listening story and at the same time analysing his chart. Some details attracted my attention that person with Shani as Atma karaka in Sinha rashi is managing his state so well (Shani as Atma karaka is not supporting such high status), that people form other states are willing to vote for him in elections.

I am collecting charts of people where I see that chart is not supporting events in life. I have My research finalised as new program for astrological calculations which are more precise due to different way how ephemeris are chosen, two main difference are it is with out illusion which affects light, for example Earth atmosphere is working as lens, due that light path is changed, so we took this illusion away and second we use topocentric coordinates, as we are taking birth on surface of Earth not in the core of Earth.

When I made Mr. Modi chart in I found out that Managala and Shani has changed locations his Ātma karaka is Mangala and Arudha lagna falls on his 11th bhāva, this explained a lot for me. Look yourself in attached chart.

Narendra Modi chart horoscope

If you find that your Dasha bhukti is not working or vargas are not supporting real events in life, it does not mean that jyotisha is wrong, may be you need to use different calculations of placement of grahas, for that you may use

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